April Happenings

Reservations can be made at www.bookeo.com/vintagekitchen

Adult Cooking Classes

Vegetarian Cooking                                        April 3rd                       6pm                 $65

Yes, a meal can be creative and vegetarian! In this four- course meal we will make: Italian Nachos; Orzo with Lentils; Puff Pastry Veggie Squares; and Crepes with Cherries Jubilee. Nothing boring here!

Sushi                                                               April 5th                       6pm                 $65

Gemma will be teaching us how to make sushi and Udon noodles with Dashi Broth. No need for takeout when you can learn cook Japanese for yourself! She hinted at some of the techniques…it will be a great class.

Happy Hour                                                     April 6th                       6pm                 $30

Our signature happy hour:  five appetizers and a drink all surrounding a theme.  What’s the theme?  You find out when you get to Vintage Kitchen!

Pasta and Sauces                                           March 23rd                   6pm                 $65

Homemade pasta is always a good idea!  Let’s play and make a variety of flavor pastas with quick sauces to match.  On the menu: Lemon Pepper Pasta with Shrimp Sauce; Chocolate Pasta with White Chocolate Sauce; and more.

Kids Cooking Classes

Taste Buds– ages 5 to 8 who come with one adult (included in the price)

Spring Cupcake Decorating                           April 15th                         5:30pm         $40

The cupcakes will be baked and ready for our child/adult team to have fun with the decorating tips for spring themed cupcakes.  Bring a container to take the cupcakes home.

Apron Strings- ages 8 to 13 who are becoming more independent in the kitchen 

Spring Cupcake Decorating                          April 17th                          5:30pm         $40

Frosting in all colors will be ready for our decorating.  Each child will decorate six cupcakes with spring designs.  Please bring a container to bring the cupcakes home.


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