Soup Class

The intention with the soup class is for the participants to learn a variety of skills that will make all their soups taste better. I try to have a cream or pureed soup, a stock based soup, something different in the soup realm, and some kind of seafood soup. It happened this time, that all the soups were easily adapted to vegetarian diets.

I referenced “Soup of the Day” for a few of the recipes because I have not been disappointed with any of the recipes I tried from this book. I did not yet try all 365.

In our class, we made five soups, all delicious.  The best of show votes from the participants went to the Cheddar and Ale Soup (I could have taken a bath in that soup) and the Cream of Asparagus, which we topped with Mascarpone Cheese.

From top:  Minestrone, Italian Clam Soup with Pasta, Mushroom with Pearled Barley, Cheddar Ale, and Cream of Asparagus

We used borlotti beans.  The are also called cranberry beans.  They have a mild flavor with a little fruitness to them.  If you have family members who do not love beans, this may be a good bean to have them try.  I don’t always find them in our grocery store, so I attached the link to the brand we used.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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