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December 2017 and January 2018

Adult Cooking Classes

Sushi Party     December 9th 6pm $65

We have a guest teacher who spent a year traveling Asia to teach us how to make sushi, miso soup, and udon noodles with dashi broth.

College Cooking   January 10th 6pm   $65

Some colleges have great food, and sometimes not. College students can come and learn to go beyond Ramen noodles to make great dorm food that is inexpensive, fast, and even healthy!

Leeks and Artichokes    January 17th 6pm $65

Don’t let these foods intimidate you! Stuffed artichokes, spinach and artichoke dip, grilled artichokes, caramelized leek pizza, leek tartlets, and potato leek soup are on the menu.

Soups    January 30th 6pm

Get ready for the big chill with new soup recipes! Menu soon!

Kids Cooking Classes

Kids and Cookies    December 14th 5:30 $40

The kids will take over the kitchen and make and decorate cookies. Great holiday fun while parents can catch up on their holiday duties.


I Can Make that From Scratch!?     December 28th 9am to noon $40

Break up the winter break by cooking some of your favorite foods, all from scratch! Pop tarts, chicken tenders, and maybe even marshmallows!