Less is More

less is more

You’ve heard the saying before, “Less is more”.  I remember my mom telling me that in regard to make-up, when I was in 8th grade during the 80’s, you get the idea! Back then, I had a hard time understanding what she meant.  Unfortunately, there are pictures to prove her point!

Today, my home kitchen needed some attention.  It didn’t need deep cleaning, just some organization and it wanted to be cooked in.  I had the morning off and a lot of vegetables in the refrigerator and I didn’t want the vegetables to spoil. Life, with football, holiday parties, and county fairs, meant I was not going to be cooking them in the next few days.

Usually, when getting the early fall harvest, I will get a bushel of whatever veggies I wanted to preserve (my favorite method is freezing) and get it all done in a day or two.  More is better, right? This is where I had to change my thinking.

I had a mix of things…3 ears of corn, about 1 pound of green beans from my neighbor’s garden, some garlic scapes, 2 heads of celery, and a mix of peppers and chilies.  While I was not going to preserve enough for the coming winter, I certainly had plenty to use for meals in the future.  The corn was taken off the cob, the green beans were blanched, the garlic scapes and celery were sautéed, and the peppers were roasted!  All were flash frozen, bagged, and labeled!

This time, less gave me more than I had in the beginning!



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